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Dressy gloves for a touchscreen?

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I would rather be much less stylish than to be taking off and putting on gloves to do phone chores,and I am much less geeky about things than most seem to be.Anyone have any glove solutions for this? I like my dexterity.
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I have not seen the term "warm hands" mentioned once :(
Nice review,thank you Momsdoc
I have long been frustrated by the need to remove my gloves just answer my phone. Prompted by this thread, I began looking for touchscreen gloves that would fit with the aesthetic of my attire.

I thought I had found the right match from a company called "Downholme". They arrived and as advertised, are a lush, soft, sheepskin, with a warm, plush cashmere lining. The are dressy, and elegant appearing, and fit very well.

The touchscreen fingertips of the forefinger and thumb are discreet and look so much like the rest of the glove, that I had doubts of their utility. They work effortlessly like your natural fingertip.

they will replace my wearing, cashmere fraying Coach gloves that have given me 6 years of reliable service.

Available at Amazon for $59.99 a pair

I have no interest or relation to Downholme, just a pleased customer passing in a good find. In brown and black XS to XL, I'm a size 7 these are XS and the fit like a glove. 😃

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Nice review Momsdoc,thank you!
Keep us posted after a few holiday outings.They look outstanding.

I too have ordered gloves,albeit at 1/5 the price...willing to bet that I shall get what I pay for :(

Very nice old growth quarter-sawn oak as well.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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