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Dressy gloves for a touchscreen?

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I would rather be much less stylish than to be taking off and putting on gloves to do phone chores,and I am much less geeky about things than most seem to be.Anyone have any glove solutions for this? I like my dexterity.
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I haven't tried thes, but they seem to fit the bill. Available in black, brow, or saddle Napa leather. Choice of fleece or cashmere linings. On Amazon Prime,

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To be completely candid, if and when I may find myself chilled sufficiently to require that gloves be worn, rest assured that any high tech electronic assistants I may have in my possession will be among the things furthest from my mind! Frankly, none of us are that important that a call can't wait. However, if one should think they are confronted with such an immediatew necessity, step inside and take off your gloves! ;)
i do find myself in the position of frequently having to answer phone calls when out and about. I take off my gloves to do so, and invariably remind myself that I could really use leather touch screen gloves. Just the process of hearing the phone and realizing it is mine, fishing the phone out of an inside pocket and removing my gloves can cause me to miss the call.
To this end, I have just ordered the ones I posted above in Black and Saddle leather. I hope they are of acceptable quality and warmth. They have to be better than a bare hand in freezing weather.
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I have long been frustrated by the need to remove my gloves just answer my phone. Prompted by this thread, I began looking for touchscreen gloves that would fit with the aesthetic of my attire.

I thought I had found the right match from a company called "Downholme". They arrived and as advertised, are a lush, soft, sheepskin, with a warm, plush cashmere lining. The are dressy, and elegant appearing, and fit very well.

The touchscreen fingertips of the forefinger and thumb are discreet and look so much like the rest of the glove, that I had doubts of their utility. They work effortlessly like your natural fingertip.

they will replace my wearing, cashmere fraying Coach gloves that have given me 6 years of reliable service.

Available at Amazon for $59.99 a pair

I have no interest or relation to Downholme, just a pleased customer passing in a good find. In brown and black XS to XL, I'm a size 7 these are XS and the fit like a glove. 😃

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Thanks for identifying the wood. It’s been our kitchen table for 33 years. An antique farmhouse trundle table that as near as we know dates to the end of the 19th century. Solid as a rock, we’ve never had to do any maintenance on it in all these years. Survived raising 2 boys without a scratch.
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