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I actually think things are coming around. You see lots of young men wearing bow or long ties, granted, they are wearing them with skinny suits or jeans.

I work somewhere where over twenty years or so, we have phased out a great deal of manual labor. While jeans and sweatpants are still the norm in one part of the comapny, people get less dirty from work as time goes on. People are actually changing from work clothing, to at the end of their shift, putting on clothing the would wear out. Sure, it's not like our workers take off their chemical stained clothing and put on suits, but when the company has a social event, you often see people wearing their version of dress clothing.

I think over the next little while, as automation and hands free work becomes more common, we will see a great deal of people dressing, not just for work, but for play. I go to work wearing a suit and waistcoat, then when I get home, I put on a different set of clothing, usually a sweater, sometimes a blazer and more casual pants. As it's cold up here, I choose to buy clothing which is both attractive, but also practical. I could go put on my technical clothing which I use for hiking and backpacking, but I choose to buy clothing I like to wear, and which I would be comfortable wearing in all situations. My older clothing, as it gets worn out occupies a place in my closet where it becomes technical clothing. For example, an old tweed jacket or a safari jacket suddenly becomes an outer layer for summertime adventures. If I get some mud on it, not a big deal. And because it's worn out, I don't feel bad tossing it if it gets too dirty (as dry cleaning a jacket worth less than the cost of dry cleaning is illogical).

How will people react to the older generations wearing suits and ties over the next fifty years? I'd honestly figure that, there will be parts of dressing up that will become forgotten. I think the trend of buying "fashion forward" shoes and wearing onesies, will be defeated. But people will start discovering that their clothing should be and can be worn more than once, over many seasons and years.

I have a cousin who works a blue collar job. He will put on a suit every chance he gets. He never goes to a dinner or family function wearing his work clothing. He even owns, but doesn't understand the pedigree of spectator shoes. His brother works high end service positions, and he wears a suit too, changing from his work suit to his play suit.

These cousins of mine are 30-something. I suppose if I ever have children, they will grow up with similar tastes to my own, rebelling perhaps by wearing long skinny ties, or wearing combat boots with their suits. We all did it, we all enjoyed rebelling, but over the long run, especially in the North American culture, we will enjoy wearing a timeless uniform.

Basically, the suit and dress clothing will not be gone, they might change in where you wear it, but people, as they get less dirty and more affluent, will start wearing clothing which is practical, and this practicality includes dressy menswear.

Of course, I saw a trio of guys at the movies the other day. They were all wearing pink onesies. Maybe not everybody is safe.

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