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Dress codes, written and otherwise

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I have been asked to write an article for a business journal about business dress codes. I have a lot of material saved up over many years. But it occured to me that I would be remiss if I did not steal shamelessly ... er, discuss constructively with members of this fine forum.

Any stories people would like to share? Something you wore that got you in trouble with the boss or collegues? Something that made people snicker? Something you did to change the rules at your office? Also, general cogitations on the written/unwritten dress codes of your company/industry/region are most welcome.

I am willing to use, or not use, any material posted here on whatever groundrules the poster suggests. I don't imagine that I would want or need to use anyone's real name. Firm names, maybe -- but if someone has a great story, but does not want to disclose the firm's name, that's fine too. Finally, feel free to contact me offline if you wish.

Thanks in advance.
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