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Double-Breasted Burberry Blazer

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Many years ago, I had this incredible longing for a double-breasted Burberry blazer. classic, 3-over-2, peak lapels.

I've gained weight since then, and am starting to get back down to where I can wear it. Would I look foolish if I did? I've always felt a bit Thurston Howell III in it.
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I Love DB Blazers

Though I don't have one at present. Press sold DB and SB Burberry blazers as their top-of-line model. I had a SB -- lacked the self-confidence to do the DB in those days. At the time, the DB was favored by the glamorous European and South American jocks -- and some of those boys actually played Polo even if they didn't wear any polo ponies. Americans went for SB models -- darted Burberry 2-button much more than the Fogyish sack.
Please Don't "Dress It Down"

There's far too much of this going around these days. Elevate the Audience, don't Debase the Art...
Just Say NO to "Dressing Down"

"rather formal" -- EXCELLENT
"almost military" -- WONDERFUL
"can look ridiculous" -- ESPECIALLY WITH JEANS

I confess to a nasty anti-denim prejudice and I do thank the Gods that this remains the only fashion offense that still manages to get someone kicked out of the Yale Club. Besides being ugly, denim is too hot for warm weather and certainly doesn't help much in cold weather -- mocked even in OPH long ago. An even greater sin is that it is SO COMMON -- American Middle-Class Conformity at its worst. There are other working-class fabrics adopted by the gentry that look better and work better: corduroy, moleskin, flannel. And then from the military we have gabardine, whipcord, cotton khaki...

And would it kill you to wear a tie once in a while?

"Square" does not equal bad and "Formal" can actually be a better choice than "Casual" -- particularly as these terms are thrown around today.

One more thing: Shoot for the Stars! Be better-dressed than 99.8% of the ***** out there and if Thurston Howell is not your type, try Fred Astaire, Cary Grant, The Duke of Windsor, and countless others from the not-so-distant past.
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To Questionable Big Man on Forum

I take it "rant" means what I say as "costume" is what I wear.

It's almost thirty years, but I remember laughing with the roommates about the OPH line about the skier -- something about cotton leggings. Author's not recommending, she's mocking.

Common means common. I'd say trailer-trash if I meant that, and I'd say pretentious ass if I meant that.

Damn near everyone wears denim, which is why I mentioned other fabrics. Just because Lord and Lady Douchebag wear jeans, doesn't change my opinion of the fabric.

And the Yale Club dress code is a statement of fact and is enforced -- as too few are nowadays. Can you wear short in St. Peter's? Couldn't the last time I roamed around Rome. Other problems you have with me are all in your own mind.
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