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Double-Breasted Burberry Blazer

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Many years ago, I had this incredible longing for a double-breasted Burberry blazer. classic, 3-over-2, peak lapels.

I've gained weight since then, and am starting to get back down to where I can wear it. Would I look foolish if I did? I've always felt a bit Thurston Howell III in it.
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That is a very classic garment and Burburry makes quality products. If you are worried about the "formality" of the garment, dress it down with jeans or chinos, and suede shoes or loafers. Avoid red pants, ascots, and french cuffs or you will look like a character from a British television show. I have a long thread on the Fashion Forum called "Blazers, Blazers, Blazers" containing many photos which may give you ideas on how to wear it.
Cool thread.

I'm kinda with the "don't dress it down crowd" I get tired of seeing people in blazers and teeshirts, and blazers with worn jeans.
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