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I joined to learn as well. I believe, however, that there are people, probably specifically Trads, who have rules that I have never seen followed before and in one specific thread, they railed against a huge range of professionals for not following these rules. So if a rule is roundly ignored then what kind of rule is it?

Therefore I believe that some of the rules I've seen expressed here are no longer the rules that they once were or are no longer universal. There are prep school and society rules that don't take into account cultural differences such as the Bermuda Shorts suit:

While it's impossible to think of someone wearing such a suit at a New England Prep School, I think even the most serious trad can't look at that above photo and say, "Yes, you can wear shorts with a suit in Bermuda." There is likely the same kind of logic about cowboy boots with a suit in Texas.

Then the tropical-weight suit in Florida should also be agreed-upon, and eventually there's a middle ground between what's acceptable and what isn't.

Why are truly goofy golf plaid combinations considered trad because of golf while other weird combinations are not? Where do trad spectators stop and low-class mafia/pimp shoes start? Why don't we wear spats anymore and how has clothing production technology changed these rules? Why do polo shirts look trad when 3/4 of the times I see people wear them they look sloppy and under-dressed? Can the V-Neck sweater replace the vest in winter suits and if not, why not?

I'm not in a position to replace my business casual attire with all Brooks Brothers or MTM. I was in a position to replace it with all Joseph A Banks and ebay. This board is a godsend for people like me who want to cut through the fashion marketing.

I'm not as comfortable with people proclaiming rules though.
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