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Does anyone know if Ralph Lauren MTM offers sack suit options?

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From what I've seen in 2010 they had OTR jackets with standard sack features. Today they offer soft 3/2 rolls via RRL and a "Polo soft coat" with only a soft shoulder.

At some point this year I'd like to pay them a visit but my research has come up empty on what jacket models they offer in their program.

Where I live I can get a great price on H.Freeman MTM but their Nat VI is not a true 3/2, I used to work at BB and don't trust their product, and I'm in California so I don't plan on making it out to J.Press or O'Connells.

If anyone has any experience with Ralph Lauren MTM in the past few years I'd appreciate any feedback.
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I don't think POLO does MTM anymore. I can only opine that something is not as expensive as it once seemed when you can't get it anymore. Polo MTM was in that category.
Right, Purple Label is the priority. I know the SF store does not do any MTM. I have been told that NY and Chicago do some Polo MTM but have never really had confirmation on that.

Also, just to be clear, although I once believed that Polo's OTR prices were high, I don't think that anymore and wish I had bought more when it was available. My one and only Polo MTM was an incredible black flannel forward pleated dress trouser, the Philip model - w/ side tabs. Wish I'd bought 10 of them. I wonder if Corneliani (who made it) can duplicate it. Probably not. Polo's cuts and styles were unique.
Incredible posts, above. I will re-read, many times.

Nothing to add, really, except an expression of gratitude for the intelligence displayed here.
You are most welcome and no need to thank me, but equally gracious of you.
1 - 4 of 21 Posts
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