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Does anyone know if Ralph Lauren MTM offers sack suit options?

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From what I've seen in 2010 they had OTR jackets with standard sack features. Today they offer soft 3/2 rolls via RRL and a "Polo soft coat" with only a soft shoulder.

At some point this year I'd like to pay them a visit but my research has come up empty on what jacket models they offer in their program.

Where I live I can get a great price on H.Freeman MTM but their Nat VI is not a true 3/2, I used to work at BB and don't trust their product, and I'm in California so I don't plan on making it out to J.Press or O'Connells.

If anyone has any experience with Ralph Lauren MTM in the past few years I'd appreciate any feedback.
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One of the things I most appreciate about AAAC is that I always seem to be learning something new. In this case rl1856 and drpeter, respectively in posts 10 and 11 above. I read both posts several times to insure I didn't miss any details and am now a wiser man for it. Thank you gentlemen for your interesting and instructive posts. Oh...and have a very merry Christmas! ;)
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