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From My Clothing " Museum"

1. Andre Oliver operated a very elegant shop on 57th st,
near the original Dunhill Tailors in the 80s. He sold trim
low rise trousers with Frech pleats( inward-facing)
The dress shirts had wide spread collars and rivalled
T&A of the time in selection of pattern and color.
Most spectacular, were Andre Oliver's cable-stich cashmere
sweaters which came in any hue imaginable. All merchanise
was in conspicuously elegant taste.
I still have several of the slacks which await my loss of 10 lbs
( a project underway for longer than I want to admit)

2. Mason and Brian London Shirtmakers
on Duke St. Very well-made traditional
high -neckband spread collars.
An integral component of the "toff"
city or country look.If I could
"detaper" them I would still wear them

3.Arthur & Fox , Avenue Foch ( and other locales) Paris. I

Purchased several pairs of dress slacks from them
in the 80s and 90s All still wearable ,
cut more of less like the Andre Oliver's
with short rises and shallow
inward-facing pleats. Arthur & Fox sold very
traditional tweedy clothing at a lower
price point than " Old England" ,for example.
Since I haven't been
to Paris in 10 years and they
do not have a website,
they may be gone.
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