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The "American trad'" thread, full and interesting, and Film Noir Buff's new "Milanese Old Boy" thread, which promises to be just as interesting, prompt me to ask in this august form: do you dress to a generally imagined, widely agreed-upon style? Or, do you simply choose clothes that appeal to your aesthetics for themselves -- not because they fit a set appearance -- and then expect (or hope) that you'll be able to mix suits, shirts, shoes, and other parts of your wardrobe into a coherent, pleasing whole?

I'll confess that I belong to that school of hope. Though I've begun to be a bit more consistent with the cut of my suits and odd jackets, I just buy or commission individual garments that I like, expecting that my taste has enough singleness (not singularity!) within it that the overall effect will please my senses and not jar others'. How successful I've been in that, though, would be for observers to judge.

Perhaps the day's been too long: what I've written may be obscure. That, too, is for others to judge.
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