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I am shopping for a new wallet, and I have this one particularly in mind:

It looks nice, and the price seems very good for the quality.

Do any members have any of these wallets? How soft and strong is the leather? Do the suede parts not last as long as the leather parts?

I keep my wallet in my front pocket, and it is important that it be thin. At the moment, I have a bifold nappa wallet which is falling apart. With 5 credit cards and a few bills, it is about a half an inch thick. Is the Aspinal wallet noticeable thicker than that? I was considering a separate slim card case and money clip, but it doesn't seem like a slim bifold is really that much larger in the pocket.

Also, if anyone knows of comparable wallets for under $100 or so, I would love to hear about them.


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My friend

The Aspinal line is used by a lot here. Very nice, also wait till on sale.
Very nice wallet.
Also look at Tusting, Daines and Hathaway. Swane Adney is expensive.
Smythson is another but expensive.
I like the Longchamp line myself. From France.
Again, Aspinal is nice at retail, let alone on sale!!
Nice day
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