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AE sales people do work on commission, but I can't imagine the commission on a set of trees and some polish would be noticeable in the check. Order online.

Pretty straight forward question, but I'll give framework for why I'm asking.

Since they were first created, I've lusted after a pair of Daltons. Well, this Christmas, thanks to some gift certificates from my wife and mother law, I was able to afford a pair from the Shoe Bank. That being said, all of my previous pairs of AEs are the wrong size (they were my first pair of dress shoes and the salesman convinced me of how they should fit...he was wrong) so I needed to be sized before purchasing from one of the outlets. Although I hated to do it, I walked into the local AE store and told the sales associate the situation. I'm sure he wasn't pleased to be helping me knowing that there was no sale coming, but I didn't have much of a choice. That being said, I now need some shoe trees (ideally boot trees, but I don't know if they'll carry them in store) and some more Walnut polish. If the sales associates make commission, I'm willing to go out of my way to ensure he gets the commission for those items. If not, I'll just order them online.
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