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disturbing pictures

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below are disturbing pictures recently in a newspaper i saw these pictures of dale from big brother uk series 9 with a big fashion mistake can you spot it and what do you think ? on another site they said it colud be the start of a new fashion trend i hope not i know this is the same as prevoius post but i didnt like name of post and there were a few mistakes and i could edit it sorry
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The only thing disturbing is that I'm not the guy. Who cares what he's wearing look who he's with. I'm sure he's having the laugh.
i think youmiss understand me i find it disturbing that it could be called fashion to wear a detachable collar undone i dont see the fashion in it
Is the collar really that disturbing to you? Or, maybe you're disturbed about the fact he got 2 really HOT girls despite the fact he's dressed like a ****. I'm thinking you really need to let go.
1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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