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I agree with the sentiment. My daughter is only 4 months, but I hope to raise her to not even want to wear what I see some of my students wearing (13 and 14 year olds). Last year cnn ran a special on this stuff. Sick.

We have a Christmas Musicale at our school, and one of our gym teachers (a woman) has the girls do a dance routine that is utterly disturbing. Lots of hip thrusts and the like. I'm suprised our principal, who is ultra conservative, doesn't take issue.

As a society, we've become more and more sexualized, and while sex per se, isn't wrong, but natural, there does arise a problem when kids younger than high school age are dressing sexually, having sex, and getting screwed up emotionally.

Bottom line, it comes down to parents not parenting well enough. As a parent its your responsiblilty to keep your children safe. Unfortuantely with the times today, many parents are either too lazy to be bothered, or too busy working to keep a better eye on their children.
We should get involved to fight this sort of stuff. The clothes the fashion industry are pushing for these young girls are more like kiddie porn than fashion. When our daughters were that age and 14-15, we didn't care about things like purple hair, but their clothes, while pretty wierd, were not pornographic or revealing (at least if they wanted to leave their bedrooms or be seen by anyone including their parents).

It is important to be involved in the school so gym teachers pushing pevlic thrust dancing can be kept unde control.
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