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I had class with a guy who, walking home, saw a girl being assaulted, so he stepped in. Well, the guy had a buddy watching his back. They beat the crap out of him, she ran off, and they left him for dead, and luckily for him the police found him while on patrol.
That is very unfortunate, but doing the right thing often carries risks. I hope he is still glad he did it. He should be.

And regarding the main topic at hand, my wife and I took our 7 year-old daughter out of a dance program many years ago because the routines were getting progressively more suggestive. My only regret is that we did it quietly rather than making a stink. Fortunately, my now young adult daughter dresses tastefully, eschewing the ubiquitous tramp-wear. She is much more a Brooks Bros gal who prefers J Crew prices.
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