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Just received my order from the Diabetic Sock Club and I've been wearing these Men's Cotton Diabetic Ankle Socks all day (around the house, of course) and I really like them!

My problem is that often when I play golf my ankles swell up. ?? And they are usually swollen the next day.

Our golf and Club House is all closed, but these are going to work fine. When I wear regular socks and my ankles swell up, my normal socks cut into my legs at the top. Then the next day I have some trouble even getting socks on, since my feet have swollen.

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I got the anklet model of the Diabetic Ultra-soft Socks in the largest size! They have plenty of cushion, are soft and comfortable. And if my feet had swollen there would be no problem being able to get them on the next day.

One of my biggest pet peeves with socks is that there is no logos, name, printed on them so that in 20 years and they are still around and I like them, I can't remember where I got them or the brand.

The Diabetic Ultra-soft Socks, cleverly have "USA" just inside the top of each sock! THANK YOU Diabetic Ultra-soft Socks and the compression socks also have a designation inside the top!

I also got the compression socks and recommend them when you fly on an airplane to avoid leg blood clots. Not sure you are old enough to remember getting on an airplane and flying someplace for a vacation, but maybe in a year or so we'll be doing that again! J

It's one of my Top Travel Tips linked from "Travel" on the Home Page.

But I read the package which says "Relieve tired, aching feet and legs, prevent ankle and food swelling and prevent calf muscle cramps…"

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I have leg cramps from foolishly taking Statins for cholesterol! I've switched to a different Rx, but the cramps stayed with me. I've been successful in reducing them by taking Magnesium before bed, but it doesn't last all that long (still get minor cramps in the early morning) and the vitamin has some additional benefit/detriment in the BM capacity area.

So last night I tried the compression socks without taking Magnesium. And NO LEG CRAMPS! A miracle. Like all compression socks they are difficult to put on, and I got the largest size, but that's the purpose of them. (It's worth the effort).

I still have them on now ready for our almost daily walk out of the house.

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Andy, I have both diabetes and congenital lymphedema (constant swelling in my feet and ankles since birth).

I wear calf-length compression garments most days and compression anklets at other times. On rare occasions, the tops of the anklets will dig into my lower calves and cause some discomfort, but they generally are no problem.

I constantly keep compression on my feet and ankles to keep the swelling under control. It's kind of a Catch-22, as typical diabetic socks are looser than normal to promote circulation. Happily, at least for now, circulation is not an issue, though there may be a time when I have to give up the anklets.

The good news from a fashion standpoint is that many people are now wearing over-the-calf compression stockings for workouts, so I don't think I'd look all that out of place wearing them with shorts these days.
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