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Hello all, I'm writing this post mainly out of desperation.

I have some jackets and shirts that require alterations. I've found a good tailor that can alter the length of jackets, but does not want to do anything out of the ordinary.

What I mean by "out of the ordinary" are things such as;

- creating (or opening) working sleeve buttons.
- Altering the waist of jackets

They also prefer using the machine on the alterations and some of my garments are largely hand-made. Hence, I'd like to continue in that vein.

I also have shirts that I'd like to have altered in the waist and upper arms and this tailor doesn't appear to alter shirts.

My question is simple. Does any of the members here know and can recommend a tailor who they know can do this sort of work?

The tailors can be anywhere up to 50 miles of Birmingham, UK as I don't mind travelling for the right tailor.

Many thanks in advance

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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