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Ok, I'm trying to figure out this fit thing. See how in the first pic, the suit seems to have some shape to it? But look at the shots from the front. It looks like there is no shape whatsoever.

Is that due more to the fact that the suit (RTW) didn't really fit in the first place? Or did the tailor just not do that good a job? In either case, it should be easy for a tailor to give some shape to the front, right?

Also, notice how the shoulders are dented inward. It looks quite bad, actually. What is causing that, do you think? Are the shoulders too wide, do you think? Or maybe I need more padding in the shoulders of the jacket to make up for my actual sloping shoulders?

The sleeves are much too long, too, right?

Thanks for any thoughts. (This suit is different from the other pinstripe I posted a few days ago. That one was dark gray with lighter gray stripes. This is navy blue with lighter blue stripes.)
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