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Just thought I would recommend this place for any forum members from the Baltimore/Washington DC area - the Frederick Suit Factory. They must be one of the last remaining suit factories in the U.S., and manufacture for several well-known labels. They have a genuine factory outlet (the kind actually connected to the factory) in Frederick, Maryland, and often have special sales where you can get suits for $200-400. Even without their sales, I find the prices amazing for the quality - generally $350-600 (they claim the suits sell at retail for about twice that). I've always bought Brooks Brothers suits, and find these so much better in construction and drape that I'll never go back.

Interestingly enough, they told me they'd manufactured suits for Brooks Brothers at some point in the past, but most of the suits I tried on one weren't the Brooks natural shoulder sack types. I couldn't tell who they were made for, because in their outlet store the suits usually don't have labels yet.

Anyway, I've never tried really high end suits ($1000 and above), so I can't compare them to those, but for anyone buying Brooks, Jos. A. Bank or something in that price range, this place is excellent.

Has anyone else had any experiences with the Frederick Suit Factory?
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