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Hi there....

I am new here, the reason being as I am one of the new converts to the ways of the suit (thanks in part to the 'english cut' blog and an old man that I met recently). I am just soooooo curious about bespoke or made to measure suits that my curiousity has got the better of me and I am staring to whittle done the few chosen places that I would like to have is done, so to speak.

After reading various comments on a number of tailors within this fourm and others, I have yet to read or hear anything about David London Tailors in Hackney, London. I wonder if anyone has heard of them or better still have used them (in the tailoring sense, I mean!!) in the past.

By the way if you give them a call the guy done sound exactly like Michael Caine!!!!

David London Est 1906
020 7739 8892
340 Hackney Rd
E2 7AX

Look forward to your replies.....btw the price os a suit there starts at £700.

Thank you all...:)
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