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Dark Navy Blazer vs. Navy

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Good evening. During my quest for my first navy blazer, I purchased two, but will keep one. I plan on mostly wearing with chinos/khakis. One of the blazers is darker than the other, and I read reviews stating that it was a "dark navy" which looks black to some. However, next to a black coat, the navy is distinguishable. I tried both on, and the darker one seems to look better on me. I don't know if it is because it fits better or because of the darker color as well. I'm not concerned about the buttons as I will be changing them out with the seasons.

Will the darker one be just as versatile as the lighter navy?

If it doesn't really make a difference, I would just rather go with the cheaper one which is the darker one.

Also, I just realized that when holding the blazers next to good lighting, the store pictures are accurate as to the correct color of the blazers. My pictures darkened the blazers.

Calvin Klein Slim Fit Navy Blazer

Purchase Price: $89.99, Regular $399.99
97% Wool, 3% Polyester
Two Vents

Outerwear Shirt White Smile Dress shirt

Outerwear Dress shirt Sleeve Standing Gesture

Lauren Ralph Lauren
Total Comfort Blazer (Modern Fit)'s+Apparel+-+Men's+Top+Products+-+GS_High+Vol.+High+Conv.-_-96339868505-_-pg15913_t_kclickid_7db0a246-d5ff-40e7-928a-d8cef11baabc&trackingid=403x15913&catargetid=120156340006864528&cadevice=t&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIiLvj-9Ht2gIVhobACh2XQwiQEAQYAyABEgIaFfD_BwE

Purchase Price: $167.99, Regular $350.00
100% Wool
One Vent

Hair Face Trousers Coat Dress shirt

Shoe Shoulder White Dress shirt Fashion
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I agree with MattS that they’re both a size too large for you. Good decision, returning them.

I actually purchased that same Lauren blazer at Marshall’s for my son to take up to college with him. The styling and quality left much to be desired, but for the price I felt it would fit its purpose as a beater blazer to wear during fraternity pledgeship activities where it would likely encounter beer, maybe vomit, maybe worse.....not to mention getting ballled up and thrown in a corner, and possibly disappearing altogether.
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Think of the New York Yankees baseball cap--it's blue but... The Lauren blazer is nearly black in the photo.
Well, now I'm confused. I thought the CK blazer was the darker hued of the two. No?

I guess it's moot, since he's returning both of those anyway.
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