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Dainite or Itshide Commando for resoling everyday pair of AE calfskin Leeds?

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I have a pair of AE Leeds in merlot calfskin that I wear for everyday wear at work. Since I also have a pair of AE Leeds on Shell Cordovan, I think I'd have AE craft this calfskin pair in sturdier soles.
I live in Minneapolis, where we have snowy or icy sidewalks almost half the year (!). The original leather soles with Toby work amazingly well.
What's your opinion, experience, advice about refracting with Dainite or with Itshide Commando?!
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Even if Dainite is not good on snow/ice it is still far better than leather IMO. I lived in Northern Illinois/Southern Wisconsin for years and years and got good service from Dainite.

Also, you may consider traditional leather soles with a Topy installed on forefront and heel of shoe. This is what I opt for and this has always given me excellent service.

I have no experience with Itshide Commando, but I have different iterations of commando soles on other boots. Just be aware the moment you attached any version of commando to the Bottom of your Leeds, they essentially become inherently casual.

Dainite or Leather sole with Topy can be dressed up slightly with blazer or sport coat.

The French are known, for city wear, to have a half topy on the ball of the shoe or somthing similar with a flush metal front tip (french tip) and a rubber tap on the heel. Keeps it city-ish without the need for constant resoling/recrafting.

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I'm wondering if the metal tips on the front are overkill if you have a topy?

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I don't think so, in fact, I have a pair of custom G&G St. James with this same treatment applied:

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