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Dainite or Itshide Commando for resoling everyday pair of AE calfskin Leeds?

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I have a pair of AE Leeds in merlot calfskin that I wear for everyday wear at work. Since I also have a pair of AE Leeds on Shell Cordovan, I think I'd have AE craft this calfskin pair in sturdier soles.
I live in Minneapolis, where we have snowy or icy sidewalks almost half the year (!). The original leather soles with Toby work amazingly well.
What's your opinion, experience, advice about refracting with Dainite or with Itshide Commando?!
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I have boots with Dainite and boots with the Itshide commando sole.

The commando sole has better grip in snow. In my opinion, it’s slightly better than Dainite on ice or wet surfaces.

The Dainite sole looks more formal from the side because you don’t see lugs. For a shoe, I’m not sure which I would choose — probably Dainite unless snow and ice traction was my top concern.

With a boot, I wouldn’t hesitate to go commando.
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