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Hey all,

I've been buying custom shirts in Manhattan for 8-9 years now. I've tried many different places & have yet to find anyone I'm really 100% happy with. I'm a pretty tradiional dresser & I'm buying these shirts mainly to wear with a suit for business.

So here's some of the places I've tried & my opinion:

Custom Shop:
My first try. Sold me on custom, but quality is only fair, as is the fit. About $150-175 a shirt now I think.

HK Custom Tailor:
A big mistake & a waste of money. I would never go back. Enough said.

Seize Sur Vingt:
Well made, but not enough options for me. The fit was OK, but in particular I like a "bigger" collar, and they couldn't do it. I have some great casual shirts from here, but they are not my favourite business shirts. I like that they have no minimum order. Around $200-$250 a shirt I think.

Where I'm going currently. They are made by Hamilton Shirts of Houston. Well made and a pretty good fit, but not cheap (around $300 a shirt for the fabrics I liked). They start by working with a "average fit" shirt & then figure out how much to add or subtract. If you are too far away from the "average build" you then get into "full custom", for an extra $30. Again, I like a slightly bigger collar & they don't do this.

So, a few questions for the New Yorkers out there:
1. Is there anywhere else I should try? I don't have a problem paying upto $350 a shirt if it's perfect.
2. I'd like to hear some opinions on Turnbull & Asser. How much am I going to pay & is it worth it?

That's all folks....
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