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I have always found Asian tailors (as a loose rule of course) never really hone in their pattern and cut from a block that is by nature full of straight lines. I recently spent a week or so with a major asian (one well known to this forum and highly regarded) tailor to work on their pattern to make it more suitable to european customers.. I was amazed at the requirements from some of his clients for suits that look like boxes with straight lines down every seem and leave the suit looking boxy as you say.
I worked with them to develop a new pattern which is much more fluid and european and seems to be going down very well... but to the US and Germany continue to sell the original square design.... M2M suits seem to have huge side panels in comparison to their bespoke counterparts never quite understood why....

tweaking a M2M suit is expected so no problems with that but if a makers jacket/coat is boxy its probably best to try a different maker who uses a more refined pattern to your taste
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