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Custom made suit question

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I was recently fitted for a suit by a tailor that a user recommended. I tried the suit on for the first time today and was pleasantly surprised. The construction quality and fit seemed really good. The only "problem" was that the jacket was a bit boxy on the sides, whereas I had asked for something a little more tapered. This particular tailor did not do a mock-up in cheaper fabric before cutting the fabric, a process that would likely have avoided this problem. When I brought the problem to the tailor's attention, he just pinned it and said he would make the alteration and that I could pick the suit up the following Monday. My question is this: does it defeat the purpose to have a custom made suit if the tailor is just going to alter it once the jacket is finished? Is the akin to buying a jacket OTR and having it taken in to make it more tapered/less boxy? Or, since this is my first time having a custom suit made, maybe it is not a big deal and totally to be expected. Thanks for reading.
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kevin310 - i was measured and then I went back to try the pants when they were finished. When I tried the jacket on, it was not yet completed, but the tailor needed to make some adjustments. Today was the third time i went back. As I stated, my expectations were surpassed, given how much he charged me. I would have been satisfied with the jacket the way it was (as I was expecting much worse), but it seemed like such a simple thing to do to make it perfect. I just hope the alterations do not compromise the integrity of the jacket. I might post photos when I get it back for suggestions.

bespoke trout
Los angeles. But when you go back for the fittings (whether 2, or 3+), with suits, is it better for the tailor to alter a mock-up version (with true bespoke) of the jacket rather than make adjustments/alterations to the actual jacket. Because it seems to me like the latter is akin to buying OTR and then just having a tailor alter it. Thanks for reading:icon_smile:
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Thank you all for your responses. I am using another tailor that is actually doing a mock-up from a cheaper fabric that he is having me try on Friday. It will be interesting to compare the suit from this tailor and the one from the first tailor. I was thinking about posting pictures to get member feedback...
Thanks for the responses

Thank you all for the responses. I feel much more educated on the subject now. I do not expect perfection with this suit, as long as I can wear it and I don't experience the popping on the lapel that I experience with most RTW suits.

WA - I think he did leave it baggy enought because that is what he did when I mentioned that I wanted it a bit more tapered - he pinned the sides

Jrex - actually, I think I mispoke; I am not sure if the other tailor is doing a basted fitting or a mock-up. As i am not sure what the difference is between the two. All I know is that when I went back for the second fitting the "garment" he had me try on was not the material for the actual suit. It looked like some kind of a pattern.

Bespoke Trout - will send you a private response to your question (if I can figure out how).

I will definitely have another suit made by the tailor in the near future (assuming the alterations come back to my specifications). The great thing is that he is local and easy to get to. I plan on having some shirts made as well. I have to say, the construction/attention to detail is great with the tailor. Again, this was my first custom suit, but relative to RTW that I have seen and Nordstoms/BB and the like, I would never consider buying a suit RTW again. Thanks again for the responses.
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