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Custom made suit question

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I was recently fitted for a suit by a tailor that a user recommended. I tried the suit on for the first time today and was pleasantly surprised. The construction quality and fit seemed really good. The only "problem" was that the jacket was a bit boxy on the sides, whereas I had asked for something a little more tapered. This particular tailor did not do a mock-up in cheaper fabric before cutting the fabric, a process that would likely have avoided this problem. When I brought the problem to the tailor's attention, he just pinned it and said he would make the alteration and that I could pick the suit up the following Monday. My question is this: does it defeat the purpose to have a custom made suit if the tailor is just going to alter it once the jacket is finished? Is the akin to buying a jacket OTR and having it taken in to make it more tapered/less boxy? Or, since this is my first time having a custom suit made, maybe it is not a big deal and totally to be expected. Thanks for reading.
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I can see your point but echo others in saying that it isn't a huge deal. It does sound like the tailor that your using, while I'm sure excellent, is offering a "sophisticated MTM" if you will rather than bespoke. Ideally the only adjustment that would need to be done on any custom jacket is the sleeve length, but suppressing the sides is a common and easy alteration. It shouldn't compromise other aspects of the jacket's fit that were fine-tuned by the custom process. Plus - like someone else said, the first one is almost always a bit of a gamble. Your next order from this guy should come out spot-on right off.
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