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I am trying to understand the different cuff-to-sleeve stitching styles (if such categories exist).

For example, the Italian Neopolitan shoulder has stitching that shows "ruffles" - I'm not sure if there is a more formal term for the stitching specifically. I think it may be called something like "cremini" as opposed to "rolini" However, the American Neopolitan shoulder uses a cleaner stitch without ruffles.

I have seen several different techniques used on different shirts for stitching the cuffs to the sleeves. For example, if you get a MTM shirt at Turnbull & Asser, the cuff to sleeve stitching will have "ruffles." However, I have had custom shirts made with no ruffles at all between the sleeves and cuffs - the sleeve merged perfectly into the cuff with no ruffles - just 2 clean folds - which I highly prefer.

So are there specific category names for the different styles of stitching between sleeves and cuffs like there are specific category names for the stitching on jackets between sleeves and shoulders?
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