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Creasing by toe on wholecut AE chukkas

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Hi All, just wore these for the first time yesterday and noticed heavy creasing (with some accompanying blistering) just under the big toenail of my left foot around where the toe cap would be. Strangely, my left foot is bigger so I would have thought creasing would occur on the right if anywhere.

I have other AEs in the same last and size (with no fit/creasing issues) so I'm wondering if this looks normal. On the right shoe it seems the leather is too stiff near the top to crease there.

Any thoughts? Thanks a lot.


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Those pics are a bit deceiving as the poster has his feet propped up a vertical surface which makes the creases look worse than they are . Try it and see.

But I agree those boots are likely too wide or too tall and are a poor choice for the OP. Hopefully its a manufacturing defect of some sort and he gets a refund.
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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