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Creasing by toe on wholecut AE chukkas

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Hi All, just wore these for the first time yesterday and noticed heavy creasing (with some accompanying blistering) just under the big toenail of my left foot around where the toe cap would be. Strangely, my left foot is bigger so I would have thought creasing would occur on the right if anywhere.

I have other AEs in the same last and size (with no fit/creasing issues) so I'm wondering if this looks normal. On the right shoe it seems the leather is too stiff near the top to crease there.

Any thoughts? Thanks a lot.


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Ha, meant to write plain toe--my mistake. Thanks for the response!
Right, and I wonder, given the variability of these, if a different pair in the same size might break in a more favorable way. Thanks for the replies.
Seriously, do those fit properly? Do all your shoes have two sets of creases? Mine one have one crease just above the toes. It seems like the boots are too large for your feet. Extra space between the top of your foot and the shoe will also result in those deep creases.
Here's a pic of another pair in the same last and size and in the same position. There is some creasing by the toe but not nearly as pronounced as on the Chukkas. I do have a bit of room above my big toe, but this is how AE sized me in order to fit my long, narrow, flat feet.

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Thanks Adelantado. You're saying this based on how they look on my feet or in general? I just want to figure out how I could have avoided this without actually wearing them for a few days.

I called AE and I'm sending in the shoes. They will examine them for defects. Not a return but the best I could do after wearing them.
Ah, now I see what you're referring to, Adelantado.

I didn't even notice that. Another cosmetic flaw I would ignore if the fit was proper.
Those pics are a bit deceiving as the poster has his feet propped up a vertical surface which makes the creases look worse than they are . Try it and see.

But I agree those boots are likely too wide or too tall and are a poor choice for the OP. Hopefully its a manufacturing defect of some sort and he gets a refund.
Indeed, I propped them up so the creases would be more prominent/noticeable. On the better fitting pair (the captoes I posted above), there is also creasing but clearly not as deep/pronounced.
Thanks again for all the replies. The shoes are off to AE. Hopefully they find that these were unusually long for their size. Fingers crossed I can at least get a credit from them. I'd be hesitant to try another pair of the same shoes though.
you indicate that you live in NYC. Why not just go in and try on a pair? Seems logical as opposed to the route you've taken. You've already worn the shoes. I hope for your sake you're made whole, but all of this trouble could have been avoided if you had just gone in.
I wear a 12b. None of the NYC shops had a pair in any color to try on. Also, I've spoken to some of the NYC salespeople. When it comes to returns, they defer to HQ.
you can have them bring one in, try it on and walk away if you don't like it. Why should the customer go through the hassle?
Yeah, I had them shipped to me to save time. Since I know my size and last I figured it wouldn't be an issue. I guess it's my mistake for expecting consistency.
Thankfully I got lucky:

"Thank you for your patience. Our returns team has completed the evaluation of your Williamsburg Chukka Boots. We have determined that the creasing is a defect due to soft leather, and we have processed a full refund for you."
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