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Three areas of creasing:

1) The light rolls across the middle of the back - probably just a little big. Have your tailor take in the center seam about a half inch, and good as gold.
2) The creasing on the back of the sleeves - if you're standing normally in these photos, it's likely that the sleeve pitch doesn't match the angle at which your arms hang naturally. A good tailor can rotate the sleeves back to better suit your posture.
3) The vertical crease/pleat from your shoulder blade downward, near the armhole is the trickiest one, because it could be one of several things.
a) a little loose across the back/chest; the center seam from item 1 may help a bit with this.
b) the jacket shoulders may be a hair wide, or your shoulders may slope farther down than the jackets, which is allowing the shoulders to collapse or deflate a little. Test by sliding a little padding between the top of your shoulder point and the jacket; if the creases improve, consider adding shoulder padding (and trying on a half size down in your next jacket from the same maker)
c) Most jackets need/can use a small fold of extra material in this position on the blades (less than you've got, but some); it allows you more mobility as you raise your arms.
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