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Cream or white flannel trousers

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There are a couple older threads about these. There is a $200 pair of size 36 NOSWT on etsy right now Cream Flannels Ad says they are white. Photos look cream.
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Periodically I see a article about how cricket is 'catching on' in the US. But if there are any matches in my neighborhood, I can't find any references. It's like rugby. I love rugby. I have even stopped a safari in mid-hunt because there was a Tri-Nations' Cup match being held. But rugby fans in the US have to get up at 3:00 a.m. to catch them on ESPN. 馃槱
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We had rugby clubs in all the UC campuses back in the '60's. Football players were forbidden by their coaches from joining. Seems there was a fear that they might get hurt! 馃槇
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