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After reading an article about how nice Costco is to its workers and how great its busines model is etc. etc etc., I bought one of the shirts mentioned in the article. It's the Costco Kirkland brand, and I'm very impressed for the money. Let me describe the shirt..

The white pinpoint is 80s 2 ply oxford cloth, single needle. It is a buttondown with a sewn on placket. The buttons are soft-edged rounded white plastic, sewn on good and tight. It has a box pleat in the back and single button cuffs. There are buttons holding the wrist opening (whatever it's called) closed. It is made in Mauritius (sp?)

The cut , though described as generous on the package, is nearly identical to the Brooks Brothers "slim fit" in 16x34. I'm not very experienced at judging fabric, but it felt soft yet sturdy, tight and even. It felt much better than a 40 dollar department store shirt.

And it was 10 bucks.

There were some really nice blue twills as well for 15 bucks, also with the buttondown.

These house brand offerings seemed much better than the branded shirts from various huge fashion makers, which I've always thought were not a good value at all.

My only issues are that the shirts aren't exactly what I'm looking for. I like buttondowns with a plain front, not a thick placket. I don't like box pleats, but prefer side pleats. I also need more point collars, not button downs. Finally, the white plastic buttons could really benefit from some pearly substance in the mix. Plain white doesn't cut it.

Has anyone else tried one of these shirts on? Do you agree that they are a good value? I mean, the whole shirt is the price of a washing and hand-ironing!
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