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Cordovan Penny Loafers -- Alden/Brooks Bros.

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A few questions for all you Alden shell cordovan penny loafer fans. Is there a difference between Alden's shell cordo penny loafer and BB's shell cordo penny loafer? The reason I ask is that I've gotten the impression that Alden makes the shoe for Brooks Brothers and that they're the same shoe. However, if you look at the descriptions provided by Brooks for its shoe and by Alden Shoes of Carmel for the Alden shoe, they do appear to be different. Brooks says the uppers of its shoe are unlined. Alden Shoes of Carmel says the Alden shoe has a full leather lining. So again, are they the same shoe? If they're not, should one be cheaper than the other? If the lining of the two is different, should one be more comfortable than the other? Further, would an unlined shoe be better in warmer weather and a lined shoe be better in cooler weather? Just wondering.

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