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Cordovan/ Alden/ Allen Edmonds

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Is cordovan worth it, and what is the real advantage? Is it durability, shine, status, or something else?

I will be purchasing either the Alden full strap slip on, or the Allen Edmonds Randolph. The shoes look almost identical and are both available in calf and cordovan. I'd like recomendations on either of these shoes, and the pros and cons (if any) on cordovan. Links to each shoe below.

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I second Got Shell?'s opinion. I just purchased a pair of black shell Randolphs, and they are indeed "clunkier" than they appeared in the pictures I was looking at. That said, they are very well made,very comfortable,and while not as "fashion forward" as I originally anticipated, they are very much a classic penny loafer style that will stand the test of time. I also got them at a very good price, which helps!
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