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Cordovan/ Alden/ Allen Edmonds

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Is cordovan worth it, and what is the real advantage? Is it durability, shine, status, or something else?

I will be purchasing either the Alden full strap slip on, or the Allen Edmonds Randolph. The shoes look almost identical and are both available in calf and cordovan. I'd like recomendations on either of these shoes, and the pros and cons (if any) on cordovan. Links to each shoe below.

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Cordaovan has no real grain. It's smooth. It is very durable. The leather if kept properly cleaned and polished, will last more than 10 years. I should know, I have two pairs in their 11th year, and both have been recrafted.

IMHO Alden is more Trad than AE. I have both the LHS and the Full Strap slip on; both in 11.5 B in #8 shell.

The Full Strap has a narrower toe box, than does the LHS. I like them both, yet I would not wear the Full Straps with jeans, and don't really prefer them with chinos either. I will wear the Full Strap with a suit when traveling, but I would never wear the LHS with a suit. The LHS has a 360 degree welt, and the Full Strap Alden does not. The full strap is a sleaker shoe.

I used to be an AE fan, but when I made the switch to Alden I never wanted to go back. I like the heel cushion and the steel shank in the Alden. AE does not have that.

To my eye, I think that AEs look a bit nouveaux or derivative. The Alden silhouette started it with the Tassel slip on.
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