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I come across this amazing piece through researching my next acquisition.

The Cordings Brighton Travel Jacket in Navy Herringbone:

Clothing Outerwear Coat Dress shirt Neck

Outerwear Neck Sleeve Dress shirt Collar

Outerwear Sleeve Textile Grey Collar

Grey Denim Electric blue Symmetry Pattern

^This jacket is full of wonder! It exudes a certain mojo. I really like the shape and the fabric texture.

I messaged Cordings immediately when I found it on their site last night regarding the country of origin and if the chest piece was canvassed or not.

They informed me the jacket is made in Japan and they said; "The jacket has no fusing or canvas applied as it has a unique knitted construction which allows it to keep its shape and appearance even when travelling."

Needless to say, this peaked my interest. I am seriously considering this piece...I am awaiting their response with regards to exactly which Japanese tailoring house made this. I know and have heard great things about "Ring" and a couple other houses over there.

What is the consensus regarding Cordings sport coats and blazers? What is your experience therein?

Looking at it, whilst I like the buttons they have on the piece, I really think a brown MOP would look fantastic. Maybe not the white MOP but rather a dark brown, tan set of buttons...


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Hi, I have found Cordings sport coats and blazers to be of great quality and style. I heard excellent feedback regarding the fit, fabric, color, and overall look of the pieces. One of my friend has also found them to be comfortable, stylish, and well-made. We highly recommend giving them a try!
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