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I think the tightness of the pants ....

is more a problem of the manufacturer than fat front versus pleated. Granted that flat front trousers are more roomy, but this shouldn't make them overtight if the right size and manufacturer are selected. I wear flat fronts almost exclusively, and have run into problems with some manufacturers. I tried on a pair last year (flat fronts) where the rise was wrong for me. The salesman tried to convince me that I wore flat fronts too high (around my natural waist, and that if I wore them lower, they would fit. I told him that if his manufacturer made garments that fit me the way I wear my trousers, he could have gotten a sale. Needless to say, I walked out of the store without purchasing. My point is not all flat fronts are form fitting, some are, so just avoid these. The same thing happens with other manufacturers: Robert Talbott shirts fit me like a tent, so I don't even think of purchasing them. But I love their ties.
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