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I had three pairs of Corbin flat-front wool pants in 40 (long rise) delivered today from STP. They were so tight through the thigh that had I worn them outside of the house, I suspect I would have been arrested for indecency. I believe you could see my pulse through the fabric.

Has anyone else had this experience? I normally wear pleated trousers, so this was a surprise (and a disappointment) to me. My 40 Bills Khakis fit like, well, Bills; my 40 BB trousers are perfect. Do pleats really make that much of a difference?

So they are going back, which is a shame, because the price point on them was thoroughly excellent.
yes pleated trousers are fuller than flat fronts.
the pleats are actually extra cloth added to the front. any where from 4 to 5 inches at the waist level. it then tapers down the leg. picture the flat front trouser split down the crease, and opened at the waist but pivoted [not opened] at the bottom. this creates a very long wedge 4" wide at the top with a zero point at the bottom. this is your main crease. the small crease is added at the side.
you might try going to "search" and ask for [removing trouser pleats]. beside the pleats there is a little extra fullness added. this is because a tight fit will cause the pleats to pull open.

heres a thought try buying a larger size flat front and having the waist taken in.
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