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Ladies and Gentlemen,

This may seem like a very simple question to most of you, but seeing as I am color blind to an almost crippling degree, I must ask it. What color ties can I wear with the following suits and ties?

Navy (Solid/Herringbone/Pinstripe)
Dark Charcoal (Solid & Pinstripe)
Medium Charcoal (Solid & Pinstripe)
Banker's Grey (Solid & Herringbone)

And now some background...

I am an executive at a bank in the DC area and my clients tend to be old money types. I work in estates/trusts. The only colors of shirt I wear are white, blue, white with blue stripes and blue with white stripes. Again, pretty standard, boring and conservative. Shoes are always perforated captoe bals (yes, I have more than one pair, although all identical...Aldens) except with the Navy suits, then I wear A-E MacNeils in an antiqued oxblood/congnac.

Unfortunately, due to my menu of shirts and suits my tie selection has become boring, bordering on painful. Red and baby blue silk in twill/grenadine solids. I don't wear striped ties. I have no problem with foulards, but the ones I have are also all baby blue and red and the
patterns are very subtle.

I have explored a personal shopper, but finding one that has similar tastes and the thought of dragging all my suits and shirts to said person, or even worse have them come into my home to survey my cloest, makes it a non-starter.


Thanks in Advance,


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