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A question for the shoe people: I'm looking for a pair of very conservative black Oxford shoes. I do not care if the shoes are not sophisticated, if they are a bit boring, or anything. I just want very basic Oxford shoes. Basically the kind of shoes you would wear for a job interview.

I've been looking at Allen-Edmonds 'Park Avenue' shoes (link below). They're in my price range, and they seem quite good. Any opinions on these? What about similar shoes in the same price range - suggestions?

By the way, this forum (to be more precise, the helpful people on this forum) is a real asset for amateurs like me. Just yesterday I noticed some faint signs on bubbling on my cheap fused suit. Had I not known about the problems with fused suits, I would have probably not even paid any attention to it. Fortunately I will receive my first fully canvassed made-to-measure suit in a about a week or so. And to think that a few months ago I did not even know what was the meaning of canvassed and fused! I dare not to think how I would be dressing for work at the moment, had I not stumbled on this forum (trust me, it is not very impressive at the moment, but at least it is not worse than other men in my suits-and-ties workplace).


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