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I am a little bit confused on the different suit styles, silhouettes, and other stylistic differences between different manufacturers and countries (American/Italian/British). I suppose I am too new to this business to have developed the "eye" for seeing those subtle variations.

I'm tall (187 cm) and thin (70kg, no fat) with pale skin. I understand that the traditional Savile Row look has strong waist suppression. I would imagine it would be good for someone like me. However, I was just reading an old thread where several people wrote that Italian suits tend to be better for thin men, whereas American and British styles are better for the more heavily built.

I am confused. I know it is impossible for anyone to recommend a specific manufacturer or style to me, but there must be some general rules of thumb. What should I look for in a suit, given my physical appearance? Constructed shoulders or natural shoulders? Strong waist suppression or not? Many of these things must be questions of personal preference, but some general guidelines must exist?

I've given up on ready-to-wear and I'm mostly looking at made-to-measure options. I cannot afford bespoke. Thus I suppose the style of the manufacturer must be even more important, as MTM suits are still made to a certain style.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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