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Anyone seen or tried these? They are about $40 w $10 off currently.

I have one of the brand that the experts here recommend, the Jiffy Esteem if I am not mistaken. Works fine, it is a little heavy but I have packed it for travel before. Eh, according to Good Housekeeping the Jif is the "most compact".

Jif is 600W, Conair is 1700W. Same duration of steam time, 15min.
Conair has a few attachments, I'm thinking it is not necessarily for travel as the Jif seems to be.
Jif is 3lb., don't know the weight of Conair.
Conair has a big old schnozzle at the end, not so very compact.

Now I have told you everything I know.


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I borrowed a Conair from my wife, got blue lint all over it. she made me buy it from her. I like it, big for travel.
Quite a marriage you got there.
Seems Conair has the market in hand-held machines that blow stuff through tiny holes. Have or have had a couple and always pleased. They make a small one with a foldable handle for travel.

Lint all over, you mean on the lint remover pad? The pad is usually removeable, slides off. You clean it by rubbing across in the opposite direction from when you were using it for lint. Same type of pad, larger and handled, is used for removing pet hair from sofas. Or mattresses thrown on the lawn, if you're like my neighbors, the Incestuals.
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