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Comfortable and sober shoes

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I'm looking for very comfortable "hybrid" shoes sneakers-alike to dress in spring and fall mostly for walking but I want to use them in a quite formal environment as an office is. They've not to be elegant nor sporty and I'd prefer they'd be made of leather. My limit is around 100$ and I don't care about brands and esthetics.
My gauge is merrell sprint blast which were perfect for my feet and lasted much time. They were also very sober and i guess I got the most "anonymous" model, the j39149, so I dressed them at office with no issues. I'm considering Ecco shoes too because I can get them at my local amazon but I don't know them and can't try them so I'd like to ask you a comparison with merrell for comfortableness. Anyway everything you can buy at EU web market can be considered :)


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I honestly suggest a pair of black leather Reebok sneakers. I had two pair in black they went well with non jean pants.I didn't know better so I wore them with suits.

Another option is the Rockport Dressport line. Super comfortable for inexpensive shoes. I have a set I wear when I'm going somewhere a leather dress shoe would get wrecked or would be too formal.

The Reebok is probably as close as a hybrid as you would find on the mainstream market.

I realize some here would disagree but I can't always afford the absolute best. So I look for deals, knowing a shoe might fall apart after 150 wearing..

Merrill has some designs which are comfortable, but ugly. I had a friend backpack through Europe with a set, wearing only one pair of shoes. If I ever get to do the Camino, I'd probably use my Merrill Moabs. However, you probably aren't looking for a hiking shoe.

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