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Comfortable and sober shoes

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I'm looking for very comfortable "hybrid" shoes sneakers-alike to dress in spring and fall mostly for walking but I want to use them in a quite formal environment as an office is. They've not to be elegant nor sporty and I'd prefer they'd be made of leather. My limit is around 100$ and I don't care about brands and esthetics.
My gauge is merrell sprint blast which were perfect for my feet and lasted much time. They were also very sober and i guess I got the most "anonymous" model, the j39149, so I dressed them at office with no issues. I'm considering Ecco shoes too because I can get them at my local amazon but I don't know them and can't try them so I'd like to ask you a comparison with merrell for comfortableness. Anyway everything you can buy at EU web market can be considered :)


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Surely something like these Timberlands would be better for an office setting. Doc Marten is another option.

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I'm not sure how most of us will be able to help. I have dress shoes, dress boots, casual boots, casual shoes, work boots, hunting boots, snow boots, boat shoes, bowling shoes....and sneakers. You are looking for a hybrid that I can't warm up to.

Your best bet if you aren't terribly fussy is going to be the clearance area of a giant online retailer.

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