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Comfortable and sober shoes

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I'm looking for very comfortable "hybrid" shoes sneakers-alike to dress in spring and fall mostly for walking but I want to use them in a quite formal environment as an office is. They've not to be elegant nor sporty and I'd prefer they'd be made of leather. My limit is around 100$ and I don't care about brands and esthetics.
My gauge is merrell sprint blast which were perfect for my feet and lasted much time. They were also very sober and i guess I got the most "anonymous" model, the j39149, so I dressed them at office with no issues. I'm considering Ecco shoes too because I can get them at my local amazon but I don't know them and can't try them so I'd like to ask you a comparison with merrell for comfortableness. Anyway everything you can buy at EU web market can be considered :)


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I’d suggest for comfort oriented shoes in that price range that you look at Rockports. For pure sneakers I’ve never worn any more comfortable than Nike airs. Another pair of Merrells would also be an excellent choice. Lastly and somewhat amazingly a pair of black Toms with black soles would be very workable and comfortable.
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I find it interesting that when people talk about comfortable shoes they are usually focused on the footbed. For me it’s all about soft uppers. Hands down the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn are Alden suedes and Santoni nappa loafers. Not relevant to helping the OP, just a random thought.
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