The best clothing selection for female Doctors and medical professionals
is the white Doctor's lab coat
and for male Doctors and medical personnel it is dress slacks, shirt, a tie AND a white Doctor's lab coat.

This combination conveys that the doctor is a member of an elite group. It identifies the profession and encourages patient trust. It's a high authority/credibility look and inspires confidence.
Recent patient studies have shown that Dentists tested well with pale blue and beige lab coats, but white was the highest rated for all other medical professionals.
One of the worst looks for men in the medical profession is a business suit.
People object to a doctor looking like a business man. It reminds them of the costs involved, and they are more likely to question the doctor's advice.

A recent article based on extensive research has confirmed that patients give the most credibility to a medical professional wearing a Lab coat and name tag.
The research on how Doctors dress was done by Dr. Lawrence J. Brandt, chief of gastroenterology at Montefiore Medical Center, Bronx, NY. The study results were published in the June 9, 2003 issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine.
The white doctors lab coat became customary in the late 19th century, when doctors began to focus on hygiene since it kept blood and other body fluids off a doctors street clothes!
The lab coat is not only practical with deep pockets that hold all the doctors examination tools, but the coat has always been rich in the symbolism of scientific rigor, seriousness, purity and cleanliness.
Does the white lab coat scare young patients? Not according to a New York research team that studied reactions to Pediatricians. The formal look was rated highest with any sloppy attire rated the lowest.
Children, according to this study, reacted more negatively to casual attire than adults! However,some pediatrician's give evidence that a Mickey Mouse tie doesn't hurt!
For other medical professionals (chiropractors, optometrists, etc.) that are sometimes held in lower esteem, this advice has high potential. The dress slacks, shirt, tie and lab coat wardrobe can enhance their credibility.
Since the knot ofyour tie is prominently displayed in this look, make certain it is properly tied.
Which brings us to the dimple! It's not a dimple that's found on a face, but rather under the knot of your necktie.
A dimpled tie signifies a gentleman who pays attention to details. It is the mark of the perfectly tied tie.
-- Andy Gilchrist