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l am attending a dinner at a club wear a well regarded hypnotist will work his magic with the audience. Now, it [unfortunately] is not formal. l am seated in the very front of the club: the best seat in the house. l plan to be a subject of his hypnotism.

What do l wear???

Well, l would like to wear my peaked lapel tux with a silver tie. (A black bie-tie would be way too much for this type of event). ls that acceptable? l don't want to look rediculous..

Maybe a navy suit with a gold tie?

Black shoos of course. Probably not the Church's patent leather pumps.

Advise me. ls a tux with a silver tie o.k for for a non formal night event or is it just rediculous?

P.S: and yes, l will be requesting a special uncooked vegan meal for the night. l will have to supply some of the foods before hand to the kitchen.

GR8MAN (The shooman) B8MAN.
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