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Clothing bags?

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As I´m not sure about what the proper English term for what I´m searching for is, I had better describe it:
I need protective clothing bags for coats and suits, each holding just one item. The ones I have got are made of plastic and the zippers don´t last. I have been told that plastic is not the best material for these things, if you care for your clothes.

Does anyone here know where to find these (clothing bags) in a good quality and preferably also in different sizes?
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Y'all got Val-Marts up there in Hamletland? LIDL?

Wal-Mart, stop that snickerin'!, sells garment bags in suit and dress lengths with white non-woven ventilation backs and expansion side gussets and clear plastic (for easy identification) full center zip fronts @ $1.97 each, stateside. Edges are bound with sewn plastic tape. Suitable for individual garment hanging in a closet, not travel.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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